Solid wood flooring wood keel installation adds room Jiaogan
28, Ичиномия, Japani

Since the ground most of the owners are not sure that the room is completely flat, and in order to ensure that the level of solid wood floor coverings after, you need to install wood keel,ecological wpc outdoor fence wooden keel in this played a role in leveling the ground; In addition, the wood floor can not be laid directly on the ground, wood keel installation can also increase the solid wood flooring foot feeling. First, if the owners of the living room and bedroom are solid wood floor coverings, in order to achieve solid wood flooring pavement after exactly the same level, we should be unified to make a 50 cm horizontal line for paving the floor in the process of leveling.

If only the bedroom floor pavement, you do not need to do 50 cm horizontal line, it should be noted pavement height bedroom and living room floor after the height of the pavement tiles after the poor,wear non-slip type backyard flooring not the gap is too large, the transition to strip in front of the adjustable height is appropriate. Second, according to the principal ray of the incident room window orientation and customer requirements, to determine the direction of laying wood keel, wooden keel laying direction and should cross the floor was vertical. Third, according to the length of the wood keel length calculated modulus and floor wooden keel spacing, and marked on the ground crossed.

To ensure strong floor coverings, floor seams should ensure that all the wooden keel. Spacing between the wooden keel should ≤40 cm. Fourth, according to the length of the wood keel, wooden keel the reasonable fixed to the ground, punching drill hole spacing requirements should be ≤30 cm, ≤60 mm hole depth, in order to avoid breakdown floor. After punching cork diameter greater than the diameter of the drill hammer, can be directly used cement nail fixed wooden keel. Fifth,affordable outdoor flooring fixed wooden keel, wood keel must use special nails, are not allowed to fix the water with cement or construction adhesive, so as not to affect the environment. Sixth, when installing wood keel, wooden keel should be maintained between the two constant pitch, the pitch should be ≤5 mm in order to prevent thermal expansion and contraction caused by the deformation of the wooden keel.

At the same time, between the keel and wooden wall joints should retain a certain length of 8 to 12 mm is appropriate. Seven, after the installation of wood keel must ensure that level,high quality outdoor panel if there is a gap between the wood floor and keel, hard materials should be used to cushion the real, can the remaining wood keel split into small pieces to pad reality. Such as wood keel itself is not level, application tools planing or pad flat wooden dragon bone end. Flatness error after installing wooden keel surface should reach every 2 m ≤3 mm standard.

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