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First, the use of system can automatically adjust the brightness adjustment system

We know that during the day and night, the brightness of the environment varies greatly at different times and locations. If the brightness of the LED display is greater than 60% of the ambient brightness, we obviously feel the discomfort of the eyes, which means that it causes light pollution to people. Through the outdoor brightness acquisition system, the ambient brightness is collected at any time. The display level control system automatically converts the broadcast brightness suitable for the environment by software by receiving system data.
Second, multi-level grayscale correction technologyThe average display system uses an 8-bit color display level so that the colors are stiff at some low gray levels and excessive colors. It also causes the incompatibility of colored light. The new Indoor LED Display Shenzhen control system uses a 14-bit color display layer, which greatly improves the hardness of the color in excess. Make people feel soft when watching. Avoid people's discomfort with light
Third, the reasonable choice of installation location and reasonable planning of the display areaThere is an empirical plan for viewing distance and viewing angle and display area, while image research has specific design requirements for viewing distance and viewing angle of the display screen. When designing the display screen, it should meet the design requirements as much as possible and plan properly.
Fourth, the selection and design of the contentThe LED large screen is a public media, with public…

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