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28, Ичиномия, Japani

Install solid wood flooring in the home decoration is more popular,cheap wood flooring in serbia but how to install wood floors become more beautiful it? Xiaobian to prepare three kinds of wood flooring installation method, flooring installation so that the installation becomes more handy. First, straight wood flooring installation method of paste installation, flooring installation materials: Waterproofing cloth + flooring, wood flooring installation floor requirements: level difference of plus or minus 2mm, apply to: a non-ground thermal and geothermal type, installation steps

1 , first floor to straighten it out, a smooth, clean grass-roots level, in order to later use to…

Since the ground most of the owners are not sure that the room is completely flat, and in order to ensure that the level of solid wood floor coverings after, you need to install wood keel,ecological wpc outdoor fence wooden keel in this played a role in leveling the ground; In addition, the wood floor can not be laid directly on the ground, wood keel installation can also increase the solid wood flooring foot feeling. First, if the owners of the living room and bedroom are solid wood floor coverings, in order to achieve solid wood flooring pavement after exactly…

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