Oversight wood flooring installation techniques required pavement
28, Ичиномия, Japani

Install solid wood flooring in the home decoration is more popular,cheap wood flooring in serbia but how to install wood floors become more beautiful it? Xiaobian to prepare three kinds of wood flooring installation method, flooring installation so that the installation becomes more handy. First, straight wood flooring installation method of paste installation, flooring installation materials: Waterproofing cloth + flooring, wood flooring installation floor requirements: level difference of plus or minus 2mm, apply to: a non-ground thermal and geothermal type, installation steps

1 , first floor to straighten it out, a smooth, clean grass-roots level, in order to later use to lay a solid foundation. Then laid on the ground moisture-proof cloth, damp cloth to cover the entire surface,low maintenance garden decking in order to reach moisture equilibrium effect of noise, select geothermal cushion material do not choose too thick, you can use heat transfer. 2, above the damp cloth in the installation of solid wood flooring. Second, solid wood floor high rack installation method to install, install wood flooring material: special thick plywood keel + + + damp cloth, wood floor floor installation requirements: flatness of not more than 5mm above the floor or ground, apply to: non geothermal type

installation steps: 1, ready for special wood keel, remember: wood keel spacing between less than or equal to 350mm, the keel frame must maintain a good level. 2, above the wooden keel coated water-resistant adhesive, and a thickness of about 12mm plywood laid on the shelf before good keel,wear non-slip type backyard flooring plywood sawing best specifications not more than 600 * 600mm, the spacing between the plywood and plywood 5 to 10 mm, and then use an air gun to nail without a head for driving onto plywood and skeleton. 3, in the above proof plywood paved cloth, damp cloth and then install it on the wooden floor, and on the tongue to the public without a head nails driven into the 45 degree angle of approach fixed floor.

Third, solid wood flooring installation method of floating wood floor installation Material: + damp cloth, wood floor floor installation requirements: level difference of plus or minus 2mm, ecological wpc outdoor fenceapply to: a non-geothermal type, installation steps: 1, first floor trimmed a clean, solid ground base layer is necessary to lay the floor. 2, usually laying on the floor mat, and then on top of the plastic floor mats used to splice them together into one. Now we do not have to worry about fitting though, because of the decoration master can give good care of us all, but if we understand the above method of decoration in the decoration of the time, can also be used to monitor the project. To achieve the effect of the decoration more beautiful, more about some of the decoration of knowledge, are necessary

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